Who we are?

NOACH Group Limited is one of the leading providers in China for welding wire, welding electrode, welding consumables and Safety Products, was established in 2012, in Qingdao city, China.
Our customers come from USA,Canada, Brazil, Chile, UK, France ,Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Australia, Vietnam etc countries and regions.
A Complete Selection of All The Most Popular Products
. Expert Technical Support
. Outstanding Customer Service
. Competitive Pricing
. Fast and Accurate Delivery
When you cooperate with NOACH, we are not just a supplier for us, but a welding solution provider. Take advantage of the experts at NOACH and let us assist you in making the right choices for your production.

Building on great products and supported by excellent customer service and technical support, NOACH will be the last source for welding supplies you’ll ever need.

What we do?

welding jackets leather gloves
Welding Electrodes& welding wires
Welding Electrodes Lanthanum Tungsten Electrode
Gas Shielded Welding Wires Zirconium Tungsten Electrode
Flux Cored Welding Wires Yttrium Tungsten Electrode
Submerged Arc Welding Wires & Fluxes Compound Tungsten Electrode
Repair & Maintenance Products Pure Tungsten Electrode
Brazing Rods & Fluxes Aluminium Welding Wires
Stick Electrodes Aluminium MIG Wire
MIG Wires Aluminium TIG Wire
TIG Wires Copper Coated Welding Wires
Submerged Arc Wires CO2 MIG Welding Wire
Submerged Arc Flux Copper Coated SAW Wire
TIG Stainless steel wire Copper Coated TIG Wire
MIG Stainless steel wire Flux Cored Wire
Stainless steel flux cored wire Low Alloy Fcaw Wires
Thorium Tungsten Electrode Mild Steel Fcaw Wires
Safety products
welding helmet welding mask
welding table welding gloves
welding jackets leather protective spectacles
protective goggles Safety Vests
safety helmet Safety boots
Safety shoes safety footwear
Eye Protection Hearing Protectio
Face Protection Respiratory Protectio
Head Protection High Visibility Clothing
Hard hats Lockout – Tagout
Hand Protection Professional Footwear
Foot Protection Outdoor Survival Products